Thought For The Day – Put People First But Take Care of Your Performance Too.

People are organisation’s greatest asset. Your performance equals the performance of your people that you lead. One do not manage their people, they lead the team.

1.- Remember that they make the business and they also can break the business.
2.- People don’t care how high you maybe in the organisation’s ladder, they only wants to know how much you care.
3.- Build Relationship.Built Acceptance of yourself from your people before you can engage them. By force through authority or power only will end up in a situation of performance under protest. You wouldn’t be able to optimise your team performance.
4.- Know you people. No one person is the same. People are different and yet the are similar. So manage your people differently individually, but lead them the same by team.
5.- Always engage everyone of your people. One with a negative or demoralise individual, is enough to spur 5 to ten into the negative performing mindset. Remember one positive person cannot make 5 or 10 negative person to be positive. However, one negative person can turn around 5 to 10 positive people to be negative.
6.- Feel the environment. Make sure that every individual employees is all the way with you and for you, then you are the king. To be there lead them with a heart. Lead them without title.
7.- Remember, leadership does not necessarily means position. Even your general employees can show goo leadership when they are empowered and show the ownership of the task they are performing.

Remember that People are your greatest resources. SO treat them well. Be a good finder and never forget the principle of the goose that lays the golden egg !

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Thought For The Day – Praise.

Praise. These days, people want praise and recognition for doing what’s required of them that everybody else does.
What is it that makes it difficult for most of the superiors or even us for that matter to praise others for their job well done. For the effort to make things happen.
Is a simple ‘Thank You’ or ‘Good Job Done’, or ‘I Appreciate That’, is so difficult to come out form the mouth?

Well, maybe it is. Why?
1. The Darth Vader Syndrome.
Everyone is bad. Everyone is the enemy. And I don’t trust them. I have seen many superiors, MD’s like this. I simply don’t trust them. And yet they are the ones that makes your business running, churning that ‘karching’ profit to your belly.
2. Police In The Premise
When you are the policeman at the work place. Then summonses is the calling of the day. Stop being a fault finder in your business. No one will be good then. People gets demoralise and tend to look for other places to work. No wonder there is the truth about people leave because of their managers.
3. They are Incompetent.
Oh Yes, your staff maybe incompetent. Can’t do the job properly. Can’t make the required decisions. The reason is simple. You never let them be trained. The skills and knowledge required for them to perform their task. Worst still YOU, yourself doesn’t believe in training. Hence you company has under performing staff. And there you goes…yelling on the floor.
Eventually this become a sickening work culture.
4. Trust, Delegate and Empower.
And because you do not trust your people, you do not delegate. You do not empower. They end up never learn to do the job. You end up over worked carrying the mountain on your shoulder. And you say, your people doesn’t understand you.

These are the simple reasons as to why we cannot open our mouth to appreciate our people. Try to be a GOOD-FINDER for once and see what happens next !

REMEMBER: Everybody wakes up early, everybody works extra hours and everybody has passion.
If something is wrong, then stand in front of the mirror first, before looking unto others.




Thought For The Day – Not Getting What We Want.

Sometimes in life we do not get everything that we want. Material things, Money, Happiness, Peacefulness and so forth. And in not getting what we want, we tend to scream, angered or getting to be frustrated in life.

And in doing so, our life gets to be stretched so much so that when we go deeper into the rabbit hole, we feel like busting. Angered in so many way to the people, the company even to the world around us. We claim that it is not fair on us.
Should we take a step backward. Take a deep breath and ponder on it openly. We sure knows that there is a force beyond that of any human beings that determines the outcome. The end result. Of what we take, and of what we have to give.

1. If we did not get a good appraisal, ask ourself, who moves the pen of the superior to write that we are no good, or we are performing below expectations?
2.If we did not get that raise that we are hoping for, did we ask ourself who predetermine the heart of our superior not to give us the raise that we think we deserve.
3. When people gets more than we do, do we not ask that why did the superior not able to see that we have done more than the others.
4. When others get a 3 month bonus and we only get half a month bonus, after sweating out in the hot sun months after months, we say that it is not fair. and the Bosses are ugly.

See it the other way round. If we think that human is the cause, sometimes, Allah has more causes for not giving what we want. 
1. Sometimes we may not be ready for that promotion.
2. Sometimes a delay is better for us, for if we have the money or bonuses that we are counting on now, it will definitely go to wasted ends.
3. Sometimes there are more people needed things more than we do.

Allah swt knows what is best for us.

The true fact is that if we cannot accept all the is being given to us by Allah swt, then we are surely not ready for bigger things in life, bigger promotion, bigger income and so forth.

Redho/ Redha – It says I am at peace on the judgement from Allah swt. It means that that a person is fine with whatever fate lies ahead of him/her. That person also doesn’t question the will of Allah swt.

In order to be grateful to Allah swt, then we have to be great full. Meaning that our heart, Our soul, Out Thinking, Our Acceptance have to be great. Have to be Big and is able to see life in the bigger order.

* Allah subhanahuwata’ala for Muslims Brothers and Sisters. You may replace it to GOD or whatever name you call GOD in your preference for the Non Muslims.




Thought For The Day – Unknown

Stepping your feet into the unknown territories only makes you seem a stranger in no mans land.

1. Stick to what you are good at. Otherwise, learn or ask questions to clarify. No one is good in everything.
2. To be safe, do not stick your head into what seems not to be your business is. Stick to what you are good at and you’ll be safe.
3. Clarify before you jump in front of the gun if you do not what to be riddled with bullets in your chest. Communication is important. Clarify clearly.
4. Learn to respect others first if you do not want to be ridiculed or lose friends. Sometimes when we are too high in education we tend to take things for granted and look down upon those who are not at par with us, thinking that we are on top of the mountain. Being on top sometimes does not make you to be able to see whats on the ground.

Think before you leap !



Thought For The Day – Stay Put.

Sometimes we may have the best position in our career life and that we are so inspired and motivated to be doing and performing at our best.
Then comes the day, when we are challenged.By our superior. By our followers. By our subordinates. And everything seems to go wrong. Whatever we do, noting seems to matter. Nothing seems to be going right.
And we feel like moving on. To find greener pastures.

1. Remember chasing rainbows doesn’t get us anywhere. Like the saying goes, rolling stones gather no moss. Yes, maybe we would like to go for better offer. But ask ourself sincerely.
If we are truly looking for higher grounds, then it’s fair enough. But if we are running form the obstacles that we are facing currently, then don’t. Stay Put.
2. The grass is no greener than the other side. The trouble is that we never water the grass under our feet. Look at the obstacles that we are facing. Are there not solutions. All test and obstacles are there to make us better. To grow us further. To make us wiser.
3. Be resilient. Do not run away from the problems. Embrace it and be proactive to understand the root cause of the problems that we are facing.
4. There should be no grieving on any person or situation. When the going gets tough, the tough stay put and stand up. The tough does not get going.
5. Learn to love what you are doing. Learn to love the people around you, even though they are different. People around us are different and yet they are similar. That’s all about being human. Remember we can never clone ourselves. And if we can do, then the world is a boring place to leave.
6. Remember, how much we think that our solutions maybe the best. When it is not accepted, learn to concur with the much higher authority. Sometime the timing may not be right. The durians never fall to the ground when it is not the time.
7. Always look at the positive side of the situation. Be a good finder and not fault finder.
8. Never zero in on the person, be it your follower, your subordinates or your superior. Zoom in on the situation. Zoom in on the solutions. Not the person.

Be Happy At Work. Nobody can give that to you except you yourself. It is better to be in an environment that you are familiar with and make things better, rather than to begin anew where people are all strangers by your side !