Small Matters Creates A Big Impact

Thought for The Day – Small Matters Creates A Big Impact.
Life passes us by like traffics on the highway. The moments that goes by, never to return.
Make sure in everyday of our life, there is something that we learn of. Something new a day, and that would make you to be the wisest among them all. Sad, for those who simply let life and time passes them by without a single learning.

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Sometimes A Hypocrisy

That’s how we live our lives, don’t we. And we expect people to understand us fully. How? Simply by giving excuses.

This is how we have been doing thing! Oh you have to understand, this is how we in the government operates. have to understand us if you want to do business with us.
These are all the examples of excuses that we have been living throughout the centuries. We simply can’t change. DO not want to change or do not want to embrace change.

And the weirdest part of it is that we call in the consultant and the trainers expecting these people to do magic to change the people after some 10 years of demotivated, demoralised attitude, when we ourselves too need to be changed.

Sometimes we need to THINK about it !



Allah has made man, differs widely. From the point of race, creed, religion,culture and many more. Every human has a different way of life’s journey.

The human journey is not the same, unique in their own way.
It simply doesn’t mean that those good people does not have a balck history in their life and that thos ebad people would not have a good day in the future path.

Guidance from Allah too differs among humans themselve. Some guidance is given in a simple way, though there are those guided through a variety of challenges and obstacles in life. Some found it in the early stages and some got it in further stages.

On the other hand, we look down on those people, saying things against them just because we felt that we are better than them. We felt that we are right and just because we have make changes in our life, when we, ourself do not know where we stand by the side of Allah.

Simply because we feel that we are already good, we say things against their, behind their back and show a good face in front. Surely it is the most despicable thing to do, worst thanthose who did not receive guidance.

Consider then staring at the window of our soul, praying for guidance and bliss form Allah Almighty, searching for mercy in leading our life in the path of Allah.

( For my brothers and sisters of other religion, you may replace with GOD of your own beliefs).

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