Most of the time, when we talk about another person, it has never been positive. Over and over again, it has been negative. Smearing, smudging, slandering and whatnots.
This morning while I’m having coffee, there it goes again. Government servants, nicely dressed over breakfast, in formal attire, bad mouthing their superiors in public. I can`t help but to notice that these are senior people. negative people working their day into damaging another’s Integrity from behind.
What an attitude and mentality ! It is really damaging. In fact, to their own self. It only shows of their attitude and the mindset. Disgusting indeed.

1. Excuse yourself when friends start to talk bad about others. You are bound to be an accomplice to the sins committed there.
2. Learn to lead a positive life. Choose to be a good finder. Good finders have the opportunities and rooms to praise others.
3. Stay away from Gossiping. there is no such things a positive gossiping.
4. Positive people do not engage in a negative habits.
5. It is always better to spend time looking for rooms to improve oneself rather than engaging in rumors and gossiping about others. It damage your soul and your mind.

What you do in life is your choice. What you choose in life determines where you are. It too determines the circle of people that you are with. And it determines where you would be in the future of your life.

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Small Matters Creates A Big Impact

Thought for The Day – Small Matters Creates A Big Impact.
Life passes us by like traffics on the highway. The moments that goes by, never to return.
Make sure in everyday of our life, there is something that we learn of. Something new a day, and that would make you to be the wisest among them all. Sad, for those who simply let life and time passes them by without a single learning.

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