Sometimes it is simply because it is NOT your company that it doesn’t matter at all.

One do not care about the impact. One do not care about the results. One simply couldn’t care less, if it crumbles down for that matter.

But sometimes we forget, that that small company that doesn’t mean a single thing in one’s life is where one earns the extra breadcrumb for the family.


The MH Edition

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 5.58.45 PMI Don’t Understand Why?

47Million USD given away when the world knows that the aircraft was being shot down by the Russians, well who cares which side they are on, they are still Russians. The 47MillionUSD should be put forth to track down the whereabouts of the MH370. It don’t think it crash landed, or crash into the oceans or even Bermuda Triangle. There is something fishy about MH370…mangosteen has shown that something is not right somewhere!



Sometimes one tend to confuse between Integrity and Credibility. I once come across a writing that put forth Integrity as one’s values from within, the principles that we hold on in our life. To be exact, the trustworthiness factor of ourselves from others. While, Credibility is more that of one’s performance, delivering the required results or fulfilling the expectations of others.

Integrity is more crucial as in involves that word ‘trustworthiness’. Many people failed in this aspect. We have seen many. Businessmen, Politicians, Religious people all alike. Where greed is concern, it destroys.
We tend to associate money as the root at all evil. But I don’t think so. It is the person. That person who had failed the teachings of any faith. That person who had failed the advice of a mother. That person who had failed himself worldly and spiritually.

Sometimes we think that others wouldn’t know when we try to do the wrong things in life. But life has it’s own way of revealing it up to those concern. Politicians’ wrong doings being opened to the public, as they are accountable to the people. One’s own unethical doings being opened up to the friends concern. Life truly has its way to reveal the truth. Hence the saying goes, ‘The truth shall set you free’.

Set your self free. Check your Integrity. Do not sell yourself short of your own values. A thousand, a million even billions, you are not that cheap to be sold at that price.

Wrong is wrong, be it that no one knows. Right is right even if you do not tell it to anyone. Stealing is stealing, Corruption, undercutting, taking people’s right and so forth. Your intent says everything about yourself.

Rajinikanth once said,’ one has to take care to not let your needs become your greed, because needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled.’

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Well, a more subtle statement would be copying. An upgraded version is Modelling and so forth.

Every successful achievements, be it personal, business or career. there is a pathway left by those successful people. A unique print like that of a carbon print.
So why do we need to build a new road to the same destination. Just follow the same pathway, maybe some tweak here and there to reach one’s destination.
If we are on the highway to the same destination, we differs at the point of R&R, a stopover, but the direction is the same.
So capture the essence, the footstep, the recipe, the methodology of successful people, and you’ll be there too. It may differs on the timeline. But the destination remains.

Do what successful people do, and you’ll be successful too.

But how can one be doing that, when we keep the distance between you and the top senior people. You need the recipe to be where they are.

And that is why, lately relationship is seen as the vital key importance at the work place. Make sure you have rapport with the right people, otherwise you’ll be an eagle flying among the ducks.


Thought For The Day – Delayed

Everything is Time based. We may have the perfect planning to achieve something that we aim for. We may want to complete a Task that has been long awaited. Whatever it may be, sometimes it may well work as planned and sometimes it may be delayed.

There is always reasons and answers to the delay that we may not be able to know, until the time is right. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the only thing one has to do is wait for the right time before the fruit will drop from the tree. There is nothing much one can do but learn to have patience in life.

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Thought For The Day – POSITIVITIY.

It is good be having a Positive Mental should be better if one is having a positive outlook in life.  

However, it is totally WRONG when we want to simply make a wrong doing into a positive perspective. 

To forgive, Yes. But remember, once beaten, twice shy, three times you must be a fool to close your eyes to it.

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Every thing that we do brings impact into our life. And doing business too has impact unto others. Everyone is a customer to another.

There are times when another colleague in business will email, whatsapp or call to ask for proposal. But before that they will ask, whether you are able to deliver  certain program for them. Of course ! Then comes the not so good part…’Can you email the proposal please!’. Won’t you?

Well, most of us being obliging will do. To some extent, cracking one’s head to draw up a new fresh proposal. Then comes the gruelling part. The Silence of the Training Company.

They keep quiet, until you will have to call them, again and again to follow thru. And well, they will tell you that so and so, bla bla bla…just to realise that at the end of the day you have been played out, the proposal that you have written is theirs to be recycled over and over again.

That is the fact of doing Business. The will always be someone to twist you again and again.


1. A true training company will do their own proposal and submit to their client.

2. only on certain circumstances that they are not able to deliver, will they find a replacement Trainer to deliver.

3. There is no such thing as asking for another trainer to draw up the proposal for them.

4. So if you meet with one company asking for proposal from you, please STOP this dirty activities, before you are being twisterized to a pulp, unless you know that person well and has been long time business colleague.

Sick world of dog eat dog, Cats eat Cats, People eat People !

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