Thought For The Day – Delayed

Everything is Time based. We may have the perfect planning to achieve something that we aim for. We may want to complete a Task that has been long awaited. Whatever it may be, sometimes it may well work as planned and sometimes it may be delayed.

There is always reasons and answers to the delay that we may not be able to know, until the time is right. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the only thing one has to do is wait for the right time before the fruit will drop from the tree. There is nothing much one can do but learn to have patience in life.

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Thought For The Day – POSITIVITIY.

It is good be having a Positive Mental should be better if one is having a positive outlook in life.  

However, it is totally WRONG when we want to simply make a wrong doing into a positive perspective. 

To forgive, Yes. But remember, once beaten, twice shy, three times you must be a fool to close your eyes to it.

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Every thing that we do brings impact into our life. And doing business too has impact unto others. Everyone is a customer to another.

There are times when another colleague in business will email, whatsapp or call to ask for proposal. But before that they will ask, whether you are able to deliver  certain program for them. Of course ! Then comes the not so good part…’Can you email the proposal please!’. Won’t you?

Well, most of us being obliging will do. To some extent, cracking one’s head to draw up a new fresh proposal. Then comes the gruelling part. The Silence of the Training Company.

They keep quiet, until you will have to call them, again and again to follow thru. And well, they will tell you that so and so, bla bla bla…just to realise that at the end of the day you have been played out, the proposal that you have written is theirs to be recycled over and over again.

That is the fact of doing Business. The will always be someone to twist you again and again.


1. A true training company will do their own proposal and submit to their client.

2. only on certain circumstances that they are not able to deliver, will they find a replacement Trainer to deliver.

3. There is no such thing as asking for another trainer to draw up the proposal for them.

4. So if you meet with one company asking for proposal from you, please STOP this dirty activities, before you are being twisterized to a pulp, unless you know that person well and has been long time business colleague.

Sick world of dog eat dog, Cats eat Cats, People eat People !

Zmza 2015.04.01

Of Racists and Biggots

Of late, there has been many racists and bigots that surface out boldly. Spraying their words and gestures as they like on the social network.
It is a sad case indeed, as the time we grew up, these racists and bigots were not as bold as they are today. Though there were few cases, but they were not as bold as they are today. The harmonious relationship of the people were intact, be it the Chinese, Malays , Indians or other races.
As we traverse down the modernisation age, the new millennium, apart from growing in modernisation and technologies, it seems the mindset of the people has retrogress backwardly to being racist and bigots.
Though the social media has projected much to come out from the Malays, I have met from other races too, the Chinese, the Indians and so forth.
Fighting over rights issues and over religion doesn’t make us better people. In fact, it brings down the image of ourselves to the state of animalistic nature. Bitting each other emotionally and at what expense are we doing it for?
There is no right in Religion. The rightfulness is only in the hands of those who believe in the faith. Telling others that they are wrong or right doesn’t make sense. Humiliating and throwing words at each other only brings all of us closer to the brink of destruction. Worst still when we are only surface depth and we open our mouth more than those who have been in depth.
Adding salt to injury we have people campaigning on race issues and religious issues.

VERDICT : What I have learn from trying to make things better is that, avoid talking to racist people or Bigots. It simply doesn’t make sense. They will say what they want to say and they won’t hear what you have to say. Their minds are closed and they will puncture you over and over again from their standpoint. You can quote the Quran, the Bible, the Geeta or whatever scriptures that you can put forth, their ears are deafened and they open their mouth so wide through their posting endlessly.

So stay away from Racists and Bigots

zmza 2015.03.12

My Snippets Of Thoughts For The Day – RETIRED.

When it comes to retirement stage. I means you have overworked yourself for the country. Hence given the pension and the time to rest..that is retirement. But for some, they still don’t get it do they. It simply means that you are done. Finished. Let others do their work !
Does that really define retirement?
Verdict: Start some other thing if you want, do others than that you have been doing if you have itchy legs and itchy hands. Don’t simply continue what you have been doing all your life… your time is FIN.
zmza 2015.03.07



1. Well most people are. Difficult to swallow, enraged in anger, emotional and most of the time taking action without thinking.

2. All just by mere words of ‘PUSH’, taken the wrong way.
Then again, why do most of us, always spring out with rage after being criticised. Worst still, those that boiled after !
3. Criticism can be looked as Complaint, Provocation and all the negative verbs that can describe the words to the detail.
4. on a Positive tone, Criticism is merely Feedback. A positive aspect of growth element, taken on a negative tone, it suppresses it.

Some people can’t take criticism simply because they think they are far more superior than others.
Some people can’t take criticism because by nature, they are negative and pessimistic in nature. And they look at criticism as bashing their ego up.
Some people can’t take criticism and sorry for them, they won’t be growing further in life. They maybe rich materially, but they are poor mentally.
Some people can’t take criticism because they know something is wrong with their own self, and at work something is terribly wrong either with their attitude or performance lacking.
Some people can’t take criticism simply because their EGO is too big, bigger than their shortcomings that they tend to be blinded by it !

The key word here is Humility and Change.
Learn to be humble. Humility opens the door to learning process and growing in life. Change is the battery for improvements that we need to move forward with time.

Ego and Resistance to Change will make oneself to drift away out in the vast ocean of living life !

I will keep on learning about people. Learning about human.
If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.
– Confucius

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