1. Well most people are. Difficult to swallow, enraged in anger, emotional and most of the time taking action without thinking.

2. All just by mere words of ‘PUSH’, taken the wrong way.
Then again, why do most of us, always spring out with rage after being criticised. Worst still, those that boiled after !
3. Criticism can be looked as Complaint, Provocation and all the negative verbs that can describe the words to the detail.
4. on a Positive tone, Criticism is merely Feedback. A positive aspect of growth element, taken on a negative tone, it suppresses it.

Some people can’t take criticism simply because they think they are far more superior than others.
Some people can’t take criticism because by nature, they are negative and pessimistic in nature. And they look at criticism as bashing their ego up.
Some people can’t take criticism and sorry for them, they won’t be growing further in life. They maybe rich materially, but they are poor mentally.
Some people can’t take criticism because they know something is wrong with their own self, and at work something is terribly wrong either with their attitude or performance lacking.
Some people can’t take criticism simply because their EGO is too big, bigger than their shortcomings that they tend to be blinded by it !

The key word here is Humility and Change.
Learn to be humble. Humility opens the door to learning process and growing in life. Change is the battery for improvements that we need to move forward with time.

Ego and Resistance to Change will make oneself to drift away out in the vast ocean of living life !

I will keep on learning about people. Learning about human.
If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.
– Confucius

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Live our lives with RESPECT. Respecting others, their core values and their way of life. It doesn’t hurt no one. No one way is correct and no one way is wrong. Respect is all about giving. Respect is all about knowing your boundaries, not to step unto others. If you say that you are right, the so does the other. Going beyond is the point of no return. It doesn’t matter who !

So begin today with respecting our colleagues. Our ACTIONS and our WORDS determine our stand ! Do NOT begin if your intention is to HURT another. REMEMBER, no one person THINK like the way we do.

Hidup dengan penuh hormat. Menghormati orang lain, nilai-nilai teras dan cara hidup mereka. Tidak ada salahnya kalau amalan kita sebegitu. Tidak ada cara yang betul dan tidak ada cara yang salah. Hormat adalah tentang memberi. Hormat adalah tentang mengetahui sempadan anda, untuk tidak melangkah di sempadan mereka yang lain.
Jika anda mengatakan bahawa anda adalah betul, begitu juga mereka yang lain. Melampaui batasan ini meletakkan anda di titik tidak ada ruang titik pulangan. Tidak kira siapa!

Jadi mulakan hari dengan menghormati rakan-rakan anda. TINDAKAN anda dan kata-kata anda menentukan pendirian anda! Jangan bermula Jika niat anda adalah untuk MENCEDERAKAN mereka yang lain. Ingat, tidak ada seorang individu berfikir dengan cara yang sama dengan diri kita.

– zmza 20150110



It has been challenging beginning of 2015. My Facebook account has been hacked and spammed. The inner voice is very important. Learn to control your inner voice. It can make difficult things easier or otherwise. It is what we tell ourself that matters most.
First I thought it’s done. My Facebook postings, all the important material is gone down the drain. But then again, it is whether you want to face the challenge or give up ! Then again not me.
Setup a new account and start the Migration process. Salvage my previous work and make it into a new blog.
In the process of migration, I have found the way to remedy the spammed account and a way to save it. One will never know until they try to do something that deep inside, you THINK is impossible. Nothing is Impossible when you give it a try.
Do what you think you can’t and you’ll see the results that you never dream off. When you attempt the difficult, you’ll get to achieve the impossible.
Zainul Mukhtar Zainul Abidin
– 20150110


Today – The Beginning Of The Week

Today is Monday. Shift your paradigm into getting your life on the right start. Be thankful the Almighty that you still have a life to live, a work to go to, and a means to feed you family. Every Monday is the start of the very day in the week. Make it a good one. Make it a positive one. Touch the life of others with grace and make them to feel important. And find something, someone to bring that feeling of magic into your soul.
For me this face make my day to brighten up.

Hari ini Senin. Mulalah dengan mengalih sudut pandangan anda ke pada yang dapat meransang kehidupan anda pada permulaan yang betul.
Bersyukurlah kepada Yang Mahakuasa kerana anda masih mempunyai kehidupan untuk hidup , sebuah kerjaya untuk bekerja, dan masih mampu untuk memberi makan minum kepada keluarga anda .

Setiap hari Senin adalah permulaan hari yang sangat penting dalam seminggu. Jadikan ia satu yang baik. Jadikan ia satu yang positif. Sentuhlah kehidupan orang lain dengan pengalamn yang baik dan buatlah mereka rasa penting. Dan carilah sesuatu atau seseorang untuk membawa perasaan teruja ke dalam jiwa anda.
Bagi saya wajah ini mencerahkan hari saya .

Zmza 20141027
* photos from Monique Breva

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