I can’t help myself wanting to write on this. It has been quite sometime now. IT is not all about racism, or being a racist, neither is it about putting forward a Parochial attitude. But sometimes, I think the others side is .

Well, Malaysia has been out of the clutches of the Brits over a long time. But we know that there will always be an invisible hand that will be holding on somewhere, somehow.


It is about being true to each other. It is about means of being together, loyalty they say. I say there is none. Somehow, everyone has a price on their head.

The question is WHY NOW? Sarawakians are hot on their heels, campaigning to be out of Malaysia. And of course, some Sabahans too. We can see that. Even from those days, entering the region, you need to bring along your passport. Only during Tun M’s time they have reduced it by only producing your IC, and yet you are only allowed to be there for only 90 days, upon which you have to be out of the state.

And yet we are call Malaysian? They say it was the agreement those days. Yes, agreement. It can always be updated, reviewed and renewed. Even the ISO documentation can. We have advanced over time and yet we are still lopsided. They call us people of Malaya, and we smile for we know very well that we are people of the Semenanjung. We are Malaysians. Doesn’t matter whether they (Sarawakians and some Sabahans maybe that want to get out of MALAYSIA).

We understand that these might be the doings of some unscrupulous business people or Politicians. But we too, the people of Malaysia feel that it is lopsided, one-sided agreement. That the people of S’wak or even Sabah can enter and be in the Peninsular Malaya (as they call us) can stay, live and die here in the so called Malayan Peninsular.

We have lived well over the years. Cultures have melted and mixed through marriages and development. and Why Now that they want to destroy it all? As long as I can remember, none of the state has sent us rice to feed on. But on the other hand, have we in Peninsular Malaya send rice over there? Maybe we have to ask the old Navy about that !
I was there during the Lahad Datu incident. Maybe if the military and the police from the so call Malaya was not there, then I wonder ! I still have my due respect to the Sabahans, though there are also some humming of the wind that say so, but it is mild. Not so for the S’wakian, I don’t. They are more proud of the neighbouring Country rather than the Peninsular. And they  are only for them, and NOW they are telling the mountains and the sky , the winds and the rain that they want out !

Now carry on…Why wait, Anytime ! Would it affect us in the so-called Malaya? I think life goes on…. So go ahead for all we care. There are so many doors to open, to exit Malaysia…For All We Care

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1. We have been talking about this so many times in our training sessions. ENGAGE your employees. Do Not leave them behind.
2. Employees engagement are very important in your people management aspect. People who are not being engaged, normally are the ones that felt being left out, and eventually will not be a team-player within the organisation. Worst still when they felt being left out, some will eventually end up resisting to whatever is being implemented within the work space.
3. We do not want that unnecessary kind of issues within our work place. It is time consuming to resolve such issues. In fact, one should be putting in more time into developing cohesive, collaborative people with the right mental attitude within the workplace.
4. How can one, as a Supervisor or even a Manager deliver the results with values, required of them when their team personnel doesn’t feel good in doing what they are doing? There is a management saying that in order for one to deliver Results and Values, one should be Passionate. And how can we develop passion at work, when your people are disengage?
5. Now studies shows that only 20% of your organisational employees are being engaged ! What about the rest of them? Could it be that for as long as they are doing the job, then it is fine. Well, it won’t be long then before the storm moves in. People who are being engaged, love what they do and is busy doing it, do not have the time to whine, talk about negative things and influence others with destructive influence.
Now imagine, if your organisation are able to engage more than that 20% !

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When clients request quotation from hotels, it simply implies that there is intent to bring events to the hotel concern. The sales department sometimes take a long time to respond. This is a bad aspect of sales attitude.
A rapid response increases the possibilities of having the sales being awarded to the hotel concern. All sales begin with intent. It is the effort of the sales personnel to expedite the requisition that will predetermine the success rate.
Further more, a standard quotation should at any time be in the hard drive of the computer. A simple effort of emailing it with a rapid response attitude is preferred.

What is the possisble delay, then ?
It is not my area of sales.
If I do it, the sales commission won’t be coming to me.
If it is not my area, then it is not my concern.
There is no teamwork in sales department because of all the above.
The sales is too small, etc.

An excuse making desease. Self centered attitude and many more of these negative culture makes the sale slip away to other places. Something that the Sales Director or Manager may have to look into and realign the department.

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maxresdefaultThey saying copying others is wrong. Well that is in school days. But in real life, there are many incidents that we have copied what others are doing, maybe refining or upgrading it to some extend, and then bringing it back home and implementing it. Of course, hoping that it will succeed and that should be making money for us.

Be it in what ever business that we maybe, if you are not there giving your full focus and commitment , then it is bound to be stranded is many aspect of management. Hiring people to be where one should be, would not give you the success factor that the business should be getting.

Now, if you are thinking to expand your channels of income from one to more, then maybe it is a risk to be taken wisely. No one, nobody would have the passion and commitment that the originator may have.

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Sometimes you come across happenings that become lessons to learn from. And some lessons really make you sick deep down in your stomach.
1. We were called in to discuss, understand and design training program for selected group of focused people within the organisation. The dates were set and all is being arrange and prepared for the training.
2. Nearing the dates, we were being told that the training will be postpone. When asked about the key reason, it is that the FC did not get the approval from the HR Dir in the UK, and the MD in Bangkok.
3. Now it shows that the HR within the premise and the FC cannot get along well. It shows that there is no Team Collaboration. It shows that they are not able to make decisions. They maybe International. Maybe also Government interest or whatnots.
4. If the way you manage is as such, then your company is screwed up. When you are screwed up, you are. It doesn’t matter of the team has more than 10 years of experience. The EGO kills the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company.
5. And YES, I fired the Customer. You have the right to fire your Customer. Customer are NOT always right. Sometimes they THINK they are professional. The fact remains that they are NOT !
6. Knowledge Excellence, Morale Excellence and Professional Excellence. Make sure that your team have this before engaging with other companies and/or consultant on the outside. Otherwise, you are getting naked in public !



A. If the employee has sufficient job knowledge but has an improper attitude, this may be classed as motivational problem. The consequences (rewards) of the person’s behavior will have to be adjusted.

B: If the employee has both job knowledge and a favorable attitude, but performance is unsatisfactory, then the problem may be out of control of the employee. i.e. lacking resources, bad process, time pressures. An environmental analysis is called for.

C: If the employee lacks both job knowledge and a favorable attitude, that person may be improperly placed in the position. This may imply a problem with employee selection, and suggest that transfer or discharge should be considered.

D: If the employee desires to perform, but lacks the requisite job knowledge or skills, then additional training may be the answer.