MONSTERS IN YOUR BACKYARD Communication do carry weight in leading others. Sometimes many feel that communicating to the downline is often doesn’t matter much that they delegate it down to the next level to do that. Though is seems to be okay, but frankly, it is not. It is not who does what, it … Continue reading CREATING MONSTERS


We have been in the cave too long. And finally refusing to listen, accept or believe that there is other people, other culture, other faith and believes simply to think that we are the righteous ones. Hence the lack of respect, sharing and caring. There are more to this world of ours. Deep rooted and … Continue reading GO OUT.


DO I CARE ! Sometimes it is simply because it is NOT your company that it doesn’t matter at all. One do not care about the impact. One do not care about the results. One simply couldn’t care less, if it crumbles down for that matter. But sometimes we forget, that that small company that … Continue reading DO I CARE !

The MH Edition

I Don’t Understand Why? 47Million USD given away when the world knows that the aircraft was being shot down by the Russians, well who cares which side they are on, they are still Russians. The 47MillionUSD should be put forth to track down the whereabouts of the MH370. It don’t think it crash landed, or … Continue reading The MH Edition


Sometimes one tend to confuse between Integrity and Credibility. I once come across a writing that put forth Integrity as one’s values from within, the principles that we hold on in our life. To be exact, the trustworthiness factor of ourselves from others. While, Credibility is more that of one’s performance, delivering the required results … Continue reading INTEGRITY


Well, a more subtle statement would be copying. An upgraded version is Modelling and so forth. Every successful achievements, be it personal, business or career. there is a pathway left by those successful people. A unique print like that of a carbon print. So why do we need to build a new road to the … Continue reading COPYCAT