Turn your Hatred unto someone into a positive tone. Positive emotions is critical into starting off your day on the right tone. On the right tempo.

Hating a person, peers, superior, colleagues because of their action only ends up in spoiling your mood the whole day, not theirs. Remember, Your Day and Not theirs !
Turn your negative emotions into a positive ones. An emotion that will make you feel better. An emotion that will set you into a positive action.

1. Look at the brighter part of life. There is much much better things to do than put yourself on fire.
2. 2. Remember Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It doesn’t work. you only destroy your self.
3. Change you attention unto something else. Try making someone to feel better. Make someone else to smile. By doing so, you too are making yourself to feel better.
4. Break your pattern. Don’t indulge into that Negative feeling ! Go and have an ice cream and do something you love, or find a friend or colleague that can brighten you up. Sulking the whole day doesn’t do you any good.
5. The day is yours. A GOD given day to achieve things and fell good about. So live your life a day at a time and Choose wisely what you want to feel ! Joy, Happiness or anger and sorrow?

Life is about choosing to live your life your way. So be happy about your day !



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