Windows To Your Soul.

Life is full of obstacles, bumps and humps. One thing that most of us have learned throughout the journey in life is that they do not last forever. Some are small and some are big, even huge that may cause devastation.
The beauty of it all is that mankind, they survive, pick up the broken pieces and move on. That’s how life work, it moves on. One have choice to make after the devastation is that, you can choose to continue crying and whine about the fate that has befallen you , or you have the choice to mourn and pick up your feet and start to move on, rebuild and grow to be stronger.
There is only two aspect in life. Pain or Pleasure. Pain may hurt oneself but they are like the pressure that make the coal turn into diamond. Pain makes a little boy into a man. Makes oneself stronger and learn the lesson of life.
Remember you always have a choice, no matter in what situation you may be in ! And the beauty part is that it doesn’t last.

zmza 20140819



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